Youth Beginner's Photography Workshop

Youth Beginner's Photography Workshop


Sat. Sept. 21st


Ages- 10yr- 16yr

Instructor - Nancy Reynolds

This is a hands on class! We will discuss the basics of what photography is and how to control light on your digital camera. We will briefly discuss how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO impact an image. Students will all learn how to change these settings on their cameras. The class will then proceed outdoors (weather permitting) to investigate how changing your perspective and moving your body as a photographer impacts the lighting in your images. Through a series of challenges and suggestions the students will learn to keep tabs on their key light source, the sun, and how moving themselves or their subject affects an image.

Students should bring their own camera. Instructor will be able to advise on using phone cameras but this will not be the main focus.

It will be an awesome experience!!

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