Artmosphere Community Arts Center is offering instrumental, voice, music production, music theory and songwriting lessons.

We have multiple instructors with a range of expertise and schedules. If you do not see something that fits your availability, please contact us at 919-938-8015. We will have some flexibility to accommodate other dates and times.

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Justin Handy

Justin Handy is a UNC Chapel Hill Graduate who has been recording and performing since age 14 and teaching privately since age 19. He is an audio engineer, teacher, and fronts a band in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He also works with local rock and hip hop artists as an audio engineer and music producer.

Justin's teaching style is integrative and interactive. He tends to write, record, and encourage local performances for his student base. He likes for students and parents to have something to show for their efforts in music, whether it be a recording or performance.

Justin offers lessons in:

-Audio recording and production (basic to advanced)

-Songwriting and chord theory (basic to advanced)

-Bass guitar (basic to intermediate)

-Piano/Keys (basic)

-Guitar instruction (basic to advanced)

Book your first lesson; call Justin at (336)710 8612.

He will be offering lessons on Saturdays between 9am-4pm.


Corbett Johnson

Corbett Johnson has been playing guitar since he was 14 years of age, a total of 53 years. He has taken courses through U S School of Music and has performed professionally with many bands. He has been teaching for about 10 years. He teaches music theory from beginning to advanced. He teaches reading, tab, chords and lead guitar. Corbett currently plays in his own band. Corbett states, “It would be a pleasure and honor to help students learn!” He has taught approximately 900 students over the years.”

Corbett offers lessons in:

-Guitar (basic to advanced)

To book your first lesson with Corbett contact him at (919)989-8800

He will be offering lessons on Wednesday and Thursday between 10am-8pm.


Ciaran McNulty

Ciaran has been playing the trombone since 11yrs old. He has performance experience in concert band, the Cleveland Arts Preforming Ensemble and WGI Winter Winds which have received multiple awards. He is seeking a career in music education. He also enjoys music production and keyboard.

Ciaran offers lessons in:

-trombone (basic to intermediate)

Book your first lesson with Ciaran by emailing him at

He will be offering lessons on Mondays 4pm-8pm.

All lessons are priced:

$125/mo. for 30 minutes per week

$180/mo. for 45 minutes per week

$240/mo. for 60 minutes per week

Payment is due the first week of every month.

Any lesson books, instruments and/or equipment would require additional costs.

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