Beginner Yoga with Puppies- Adult Group

Beginner Yoga with Puppies- Adult Group


Sun. June 2nd


Ages 13yr and up

Yoga Instructor - Chrissy Hawthorne of Mindful Motion

Puppies from Black Dog Club Rescue

Cost- $15

Join a celebration of sweet fluffy furbaby life as we set up our yoga mats under a big southern pecan shade tree, at this beautiful country location. Historic home, now art gallery, hosts a variety of ways to reduce stress and Yoga is now one. Bring your own mat, or borrow one of ours. This is a Beginner style adult class that offers step by step visual walk through instruction, in a casual atmosphere. Feel welcomed, and find comfort as modifications are offered through practice to reach alignment that is unique to you. And it's perfectly okay if your attention is lead to the cuteness of a puppy, they are welcomed on the mat for this Sunday evening class.

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