What is Artmosphere Community Arts Center?

We are a small small community arts center privately owned. We offer art classes, gallery, gardens, event space, music lessons and more. Our mission is to build relationships within the community using the arts as a bridge.

What classes do you offer?

Artmosphere CAC offers a variety of art lessons, workshops, gardening classes and music lessons for all ages as well as an event and wedding venue and meeting space. 

What should I bring to class?

Most materials will be part of the class registration fee unless specified and will be available for use when you arrive. Classes requiring other materials will be specified on individual class descriptions.

What should I wear to class?

Come outfitted to be comfortable and in some cases to get little messy:) 

How long is each class?

Class lengths will vary in time frames ranging anywhere from 45 min to 3 hours and on occasion some workshops may be longer. 

What fees do I need to pay?

You can pay the listed class fee upon registration online or in person or by phone. Some classes will have an additional materials cost listed on the description and usually can be paid on the day of class. 

What are the benefits of Artmosphere CAC?

Participating in art can help provide individual and community well being with reduced stress, promotion of positive health behaviors, self – efficacy and the development of a shared identity. There are opportunities to create partnerships within the community.

How do I book a class?

You can register online on this website, in person or by phone. 

Where are you located?

We are located in the Cleveland Community of Clayton in Johnston County at the Historic Walter R. & Eliza Smith Moore House c.1835. The physical address is 3919 Raleigh Rd. Clayton,  NC 27520.

Where can I park?

There is an off street parking lot in the front of the house.

How far in advance can I book a class?

You can book as soon as it is listed on the website.

Will there be art for sale?

Yes, there are many unique one of a kind pieces of art by various artists offered for sale. 

Can I visit the gardens?

Yes, anytime during regular business hours. See Home Page for hours.

I am an artist, can I exhibit in your gallery?

Yes, please contact us to discuss the possibilities to exhibit and sell your work. Please include a digital portfolio of you work.

Can I take pictures?

Yes, but please never reproduce an artist’s original work. For professional photographers, there is an opportunity to block out times for photo sessions. Please contact us for rates and let us know your interests. 

Can I have an event here?

Yes, we do host events. We can accommodate events such as birthdays, special occasions, meetings, showers, anniversaries, receptions and weddings. Please contact us to discuss your interests and our accommodations.